On 27th March, 2023, the Commission officially commenced investigations against Ankolo.Com Courier on allegations of misleading conduct and unconscionable conduct following a complaint.

Specifically, the Complainant alleged that, on 8th February, 2022, they received a text message from the Respondent informing him that his parcel, was ready for collection at the company’s Lilongwe Service Centre. The Complainant submitted that the parcel contained a suit whose cost was MK95,000.00. But due to other circumstances beyond his control, he was not able to collect the parcel until early January 2023.

The Complainant made an inquiry with the Respondent early January 2023 and followed up on 24th January, 2023. However, when he contacted the Respondent’s Warehouse Manager he was informed that the Respondent had destroyed the parcel on 25th January, 2023 in accordance with the company’s terms and conditions for its courier services.

Accordingly, the Complainant found the Respondent’s terms and conditions unfair to the consumers; and that their conduct   was unfair, unreasonable and unjustified.

Investigations revealed that customers are furnished with terms and conditions which they agree to and sign before their parcels are accepted to be transported. The terms and conditions allow the Respondent to dispose of unclaimed items in some circumstances to limit loss.

It was also established that the Respondent’s policy allows third parties to collect parcels on behalf of the recipient, if the customers are not available for a long time.

It was also noted that the Respondent duly communicated to the Complainant for him to collect the parcel when it arrived in Lilongwe.

Accordingly, following deliberations, the Commission found that there was no conclusive evidence that the conduct by the Respondent amounted to misleading or unconscionable conduct.