On 24th October, 2022, the Commission commenced investigations on alleged anticompetitive business practices by Airtel Mobile Commerce Limited.

It was alleged that an agent for Airtel Money they signed an agreement with the Respondent and after operating the business for some time, the Respondent asked her to close down the shop because their partner also runs a TNM Mpamba shop.

It was alleged that the Respondent informed her that anyone related to her is not supposed to run a mobile money business of their competitor, TNM Mpamba, as this is a breach of the contract that the Complainant signed.  

Investigations established the following:

  1. That the Respondent did not at any time find the Complainant trading in goods or services that belong to their competitors such as TNM Mpamba Limited.
  2. That the terms and conditions of the agreement that was signed between the Complainant and the Respondent do not restrict anyone related to the Franchisee from opening a similar business with a competing firm, and doing so would amount to being in breach of the contract signed with the Respondent.

Following deliberations, the Commission directed CFTC to mediate between the Respondent and the Complainant pertaining the contract termination so as to enable the parties resolve the matter amicably.