The Commission commenced investigations against Autocom Japan Inc. for alleged misleading conduct and unconscionable conduct in the trading of motor vehicles.

The investigations followed complaints by 5 Complainants who in their separate incidences purchased motor vehicles from Autocom Japan Inc., through their local agent—Autocom Japan Consulting Company Limited.

Despite paying for the vehicles, the Autocom Japan Inc. did not supply the vehicles to the Complainants.

Investigations found Autocom Japan Inc. liable for the failure to supply the vehicles, despite there being evidence that the Complainant had actually paid for the vehicles.

Autocom Japan Inc. also indicated that they discovered that their customers were being defrauded by their local agent, and disengaged the services of their local agent and that they are providing necessary remedial measures to the complainants, including effecting refunds.

After deliberations the Commission made the following orders:

  • That the Respondent should pay a total fine of one million five hundred thousand kwacha (MK1,500,000.00) for engaging in misleading conduct and unconscionable conduct.
  • That the Respondent should refund the Complainants a total equivalent in Malawi Kwacha of USD 7,650.00 at the prevailing exchange rate.
  • That Autocom Japan should pay MK49,456.00 as bank charges;