Alleged Supply of Products Which Do Not Comply with Labelling Standards by Dairibord Malawi

The Secretariat commenced investigations against Dairibord Malawi Limited for the supply of products likely to cause injury or physical harm to consumers following shop inspections conducted in April and May, 2018 during which the Commission found stocks of Dairibord “Flavored Yoghurt” which had two expiry dates printed on the labels.

The Secretariat also found that Dairibord “Super Creamy Chambiko” did not have any label to show that the product was certified by the MBS; neither did the product have expiry dates indicated.

Investigations established that the Chambiko product was duly certified by the MBS. However, the Respondent did not put the certification mark on the product.

It was also established that the Chambiko product did not display expiry dates to guide the consumers. The expiry dates may have been erased due to the substandard ink used by the Respondent.

The Respondent took measures to remedy the situation by inspecting their products across the country and recalling the products which were not compliant.

Following deliberations, the Commission made the following orders:

  1. The Respondent should pay a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Malawi Kwacha (MK 500,000) for insufficient and improper labelling of products.
  2. The Respondent should cease and desist from engaging in insufficient and improper labelling of products.