Alleged Supply of Expired Products by Naheed Supermarket

The Secretariat received a complaint on 29th June 2020, alleging that Naheed Supermarket sold expired Yozi Shake Peach flavor to the complainant.

Investigations showed that the Respondent engaged in supply of a product likely to cause injury or physical harm to consumers contrary to Section 43(1)(g) of the CFTA. Investigations further established that the Respondent had in stock more products that were expired.

Based on the above, the Commission made the following orders:

  1. The Respondent should pay a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Kwacha (MK 500,000) for supplying expired products.
  2. The Respondent should cease and desist from engaging in unfair trade practices.
  3. That according to the Business Licensing Act a foreigner is not supposed to operate in that area as such Secretariat should ascertain the nationality of the business owner and report to Ministry of Trade for further action.