“Anti-competitive practices must not create barriers”

Participants pose for a group photo.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Hon Henry Mussa has said anti-competitive practices or mergers and acquisitions must not create artificial barriers to trade or other forms of protectionism.

Speaking in Blantyre, during a workshop organised by the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) in collaboration with the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC), Mussa said Malawi is interested to see that competition regimes, whether at national or regional level, enhance efficient market conduct and promote overall productivity and competitiveness.

“Malawi, just like other COMESA Member States, wishes therefore to ensure that trade liberalisation benefits the local businesses and consumer and that producers, suppliers, traders, wholesalers, retailers and consumers are integrated along regional and global value chains,” said Mussa.

He also encouraged stakeholders to take interest to understand the requirements under both national and regional competition laws

The sensitisation workshop which took place in Blantyre on 19th February was attended by about 130 participants. These participants included lawyers, banking sector players, insurance companies, automotive distribution companies, manufacturing companies, tobacco and cotton buyers, transport sector players and auditing firms.

In his remarks, CCC Director and Chief Executive Officer, George Lipimile stressed that Competition law and policy is the best tool available to ensure that trade liberalisation enhances the welfare of consumers particularly the citizens and firms of the trading bloc’s member states such as in Malawi.

CFTC Board Chair, Daniel Dunga closing the workshop urged all participants to use the information learnt to conduct their businesses better.

The main aim of the workshop was to share information about the COMESA Competition Regulations among private sector players and legal practitioners in Malawi in order to promote its use by the private sector.

During the workshop, participants discussed the overview of the COMESA regulations including the key elements regulated under the regional law such as mergers and acquisitions, restrictive business practices and consumer protection.