Consumers commemorate 2015 World Competition Day

On 5th December, 1980, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a set of principles and rules on competition. These rules provide the agreed framework for the control of restrictive business practices.

In recognition of this day, competition law advocates and competition authorities in different parts of the world observe 5th December every year as World Competition Day.

To mark the day, the Competition and Fair Trading Commission has organised a Consumers’ Parade in Kasungu Municipality on Saturday 5th December 2015 under the theme “Market Dominance and Consumer Welfare”.  

The main objective of the Consumers’ Parade is to raise awareness about the benefits of ensuring fair play among competitors for the benefit of consumers. The Parade will also highlight the role of consumers in shaping an effective competition regime for economic efficiency, growth and consumer welfare.

The parade will start at 0900 hrs from Kasungu District Council offices to Chankhanga Primary School where there will be traditional dances, drama, poetry, music and speeches. The main speakers will be the Executive Director of the Competition and Fair Trading Commission, Mrs Charlotte Wezi Malonda and Mr Nema, Director of Administration at the Kasungu District Council.

The Commission is appealing to all business persons to embrace a culture of just competition and desist from engaging in any business conduct that may erode consumer welfare such as price fixing, discriminatory pricing, predatory pricing, bid rigging, product tying, cartels and market allocation among others.