On 6th May, 2022 CFTC received a complaint against DAAM Project on alleged unconscionable conduct in carrying out trade in goods or services

It was alleged that the Respondent released an advert calling upon willing primary school teachers to be trained on “Inclusive Education”.

In the said advert, the Respondent indicated that they would provide a “tablet computer” as the training was meant to be done online.

All applicants were required to be MK20,000 per month from their salaries as tuition fee.

The Complainant applied and enrolled onto the programme, and tuition fees were deducted from his monthly salary from March 2021 up to April 2022 and have accumulated to MK260,000.00.

However, the Respondent did not give the Complainant the promised tablet to enable him effectively participate in the training. As a result, the Complainant was unable to participate in the training.

Following deliberations, the Commission found the Respondent liable for unconscionable conduct and issued the following orders:

  • That the Respondent should refund the Complainant an amount of MK320,000.00 which is all the money that was deducted from his account in form of tuition fees for the programme.
  • That the Commission should report the Respondent to the Ministry of Education and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) for effective redress.