Alleged Supply of Products Likely to Cause Injury or Harm to Consumers; Misleading Conduct and Improper Labeling of Products by Lilongwe Beverages Limited

On 24th January 2022, CFTC commenced investigations against Lilongwe Beverages Limited, on allegations of supply of products likely to cause injury or harm to consumers; misleading conduct and improper labeling of products.

The Complainant alleged that he purchased “SPA High Quality Drinking Water”. However, the taste was different from what he was used to. The water had 2 sets of information on manufacturing date and expiry date. Additionally, the manufacturing date was manually manipulated, by physically altering the “1” at the end and changing it to a “2” with a pen.

Investigations conducted established that the Respondent supplied products which were insufficiently and improperly labelled.

After deliberations, the Commission ordered the Respondent to pay a fine of five hundred thousand kwacha (MK500,000) for engaging in the supply of products that were insufficiently and improperly labelled.