Alleged Misleading Conduct and Unconscionable Conduct by King Steel Limited

CFTC received a complaint alleging unconscionable conduct by King Steel Limited. The Commission found that on 10th May 2020, a complainant purchased 28 iron sheets from the Respondent’s shop in Lilongwe at MK885,000.00. The Complainant did not want to collect the iron sheets immediately, and hence agreed with the Respondent to keep the iron sheets at their premises.

When the Complainant later went to collect his iron sheets, the Respondent refused to give him the iron sheets citing that it had taken too long for him to collect the iron sheets and yet no time frame was ever agreed between the Parties.

Following deliberation, the Commission found the Respondent liable and issued the following orders against the Respondent:
i. That the Respondent should give the Complainant all the 28 iron sheets that he purchased and duly paid for.
ii. That the Respondent should pay a Fine of MK500,000.00 for engaging in unconscionable conduct in the trade of goods and services.
iii. That the Respondent should pay a fine of MK500,000.00 for failing to cooperate with the Commission during its investigations.