Alleged Misleading Conduct by Health and Beauty Care Pvt. Limited

The Secretariat launched investigations on Health and Beauty Care Pvt. Ltd for alleged supply of products likely to cause injury or physical harm to consumers after they found the Respondent with a 200 ML bottle of “Hand & Body Lotion” manufactured by them with two labels indicating different sets of manufacturing and expiry dates.

One label indicated that the manufacturing date was April 2014 with an expiry date of March 2017; while the other label indicated a manufacturing date of March 2017and expiry date of February 2019.

The Respondent did not respond to the notice of investigation (NOI), however, the Commission established that the Respondent’s conduct was a violation of Section 43(1)(d) from the information that was available to them.

Thus the Commission made the following orders:

  1. The Respondent should pay a fine of Two Million Kwacha (MK2,000,000) for engaging in unfair trade practices;
  2. The Respondent should pay a fine of Two Million Malawi Kwacha (MK 2,000,000.00) for their uncooperative behavior towards the Commission;
  3. The Respondent should cease and desist from engaging in misleading conduct.