Minister of Trade Leads Malawian Market Stakeholders in Commemorating World Competition Day in Mangochi

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Honourable Salim Bagus, MP led Malawian traders, consumers and other stakeholders in commemorating World Competition Day that was held on 5th December, 2019 in Mangochi under the theme “The Role of Traders and Business Enterprises in Ensuring Effective Competition on the Market”. The commemoration event started with a parade from Meru Filling Station through the main market street to Mangochi Stadium, where speeches and various entertainment activities encouraged traders to promote and uphold principles of competition and consumer protection.

In his speech, the Minister urged all traders not to engage in any anticompetitive conducts for the good of the market and the economy of Malawi lest they would be punished. “I urge all traders in the country to desist from engaging in any anticompetitive business practices. At the same time, let me warn all traders that engage in anticompetitive trade practices that once caught, my Ministry, in collaboration with the Competition and Fair Trading Commission, will penalize all such traders with fines or imprisonment as provided for under the Competition and Fair Trading Act,” he said.