Commissioners for the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) on Tuesday bid farewell to the consumer protection and competition authority’s Secretariat.

Speaking at the end of the Commissioners last sitting in Lilongwe on Tuesday 19th September, the Commission’s Chairman, Dr. Jerry Jana encouraged the CFTC Secretariat to work as a team.“To achieve more as CFTC, you need to work as a team. I am aware there are departments that are responsible for different functions, but that does not mean that you should work as compartments,” said Jana while encouraging the Secretariat to work well with the next cohort of Commissioners.

The outgoing cohort of Commissioners which included Dr. Jerry Jana, Mr. Langford Chokotho, Mr. Sunge Mipando, Pastor Zach Kawalala, Dr. David Kamchamcha, Mr. Edward Elias Zilemba, Justice Isaac Mtambo Rt, Lt Col Yoram Ngwira Rtd, was appointed on 23rd September, 2020 for a period of 3 years.

The Competition and Fair Trading Act (CFTA) which establishes the Commission, provides that the Commissioners shall be nominated by a Minister and appointed by the President. The Commissioners include two persons representing business interests, a lawyer, an economist, an accountant, and two persons representing consumer interests.

The Commission also includes the Secretary to the Treasury or his representative, the Secretary for Commerce and Industry or his representative, and the General Manager of the Malawi Bureau of Standards or his representative as ex officio members. The Commissioners among others adjudicate over cases and oversee the operations of the Secretariat which is headed by an Executive Director.