Alleged Supply of Product Which Is Likely to Cause Injury to Health or Physical Harm to Consumers by Suncrest Creameries Limited

CFTC commenced investigations against Suncrest Creameries Ltd. on allegations of supplying a product likely to cause injury or physical harm to consumers.

The Commission found that, on 2nd December 2020, the complainant in the matter purchased packets of 250mls “Long Life Full Cream UHT Milk” in Lunzu which was bitter and sour to taste, with black insects inside. The alleged product was manufactured by the Respondent.

The conformance tests conducted on the product by the MBS revealed that the milk product had a microbial contamination, which made it unsafe for human consumption.

The Commission also found that the Respondent silently recalled the product from the market which was tacit acknowledgement that indeed the product was defective and unsafe for human consumption.

Following deliberations, the Commission found the Respondent liable and issued the following orders against them:

  1. That the Respondent should pay a fine of MK500,000.00 for supplying products which are likely to cause injury to health or physical harm to consumers, and products that do not meet consumer safety standards.
  2. That the Respondent should pay a fine of MK500,000.00 for being uncooperative with the Commission’s investigations.