Procurement Reference No.: CFTC/CS/22/02/01

Date of Issue: 1st March, 2022

  1.  Background

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) is a body corporate established under the Competition and Fair Trading Act, Cap 48:09 of the Laws of Malawi.

The CFTC has allocated funds and intends to apply part of the proceeds of these funds towards the cost of procurement of internet services for a period of three years with annual performance reviews.

  •  Rationale

The Commission has its head office which is located in New Golden Peacock Office Complex, 6th Floor in City Centre, Lilongwe which requires internet connection. Currently, the Commission has 32 users with various devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Since its establishment, the Commission relies on internet on case investigations, virtual meetings and communication. It is against this background that the Commission seeks to have high speed internet to help achieve its mandate.

  • Objectives

The objective is to provide reliable and high speed internet through wireless and cabled connection. Besides emails, virtual meetings and internet browsing, the Commission has IPBX telephone system which is connected to its Local Area Network. The Commission has wireless and cabled connection. Therefore, the main specific requirements for the internet services are:

  • The ISP shall provide the Commission with supply and installation of dedicated internet service connection with speed of 10 Mbps with unlimited usage time.
    • The ISP must have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days’ coverage.
    • Service reliability must be ensured with overall uptime not less than 95% per month.
    • The ISP must provide technical assistance and/or helpdesk facilities.
    • In case of an incident, the ISP must guarantee initial diagnostics within the first 3 hours. Customer problem reporting, status updates, and problem resolution shall follow ISP standard procedures and be sent by email to the Commission within 4 days.
    • The ISP shall send a qualified technical representative within 2 hours after an incident to resolve any problem at no additional cost to the Commission if the problem cannot be resolved through telephone support or assistance.
    • In case of incident, the ISP must guarantee full resolution within the first 12 hours.
    • The ISP must provide a designated network specialist(s) for both scheduled and un-scheduled downtime.
    • The ISP must provide a list of its own edge equipment that will be delivered and installed in the Commission’s office (e.g. router, modem, switch), along with space, environment and power requirements.
    • The ISP must ensure data confidentiality.
    • The ISP must describe what alternate routing or fall back arrangements for continuity of service they have in place, should their primary link(s) to the Internet backbone become non-operational.
    • The ISP shall provide a web interface facility for the Commission to retrieve real time and historical information on network performance, utilization and usage analysis.
    • The ISP shall Install last mile cabling outside and within the CFTC premises necessary for establishing connectivity between internet service provider’s Network and office LAN at no extra cost. 
    • The ISP shall provide and guarantee redundant routes with appropriate internet speed corresponding to the main link
    • The ISP must provide software/tool to CFTC IT Department for checking & monitoring the data transfer rate/usage. The ISP should also monitor the link health and inform the office if any disruption occurred. 
    • The ISP shall be responsible for all equipment/media used for the service and ensure quarterly maintenance and routine check-up is done as necessary. 
    • The ISP shall inform the Commission at least ten (10) days ahead prior to any monthly scheduled maintenance or twenty-four (24) hours ahead prior to unscheduled emergency maintenance of the side of the Provider.
  •  Estimated Duration for the Assignment

The subsequent contract shall be for three (3) years but subject to annual performance review. It shall be terminated if the performance is found to be below the expected level of performance.

  •  Skills and Competencies

CFTC is looking for an ISP which has the capacity to complete the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of all items within five (5) calendar business days from receipt of notice of award.

Expressions of interest will be evaluated in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act of 2017 and Public Procurement Regulations 2020. Participation is open to all eligible bidders.

A shortlist of a maximum of six (6) legal firms shall be invited to submit technical and financial proposals for the provision of the consultancy services to the Commission. The proposals shall be evaluated using a Least Cost Selection (LCS) selection methodology.

Interested eligible bidders may submit expressions of interest to the address below. The submission MUST include:

  • Business registration documents;
  • Tax Payment Number Certificate;
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for the immediate business year;
  • Names of the Directors;
  • Qualifications of key personnel; and
  • Proof of previous similar or equivalent services to an institution that have a huge reliance on internet services.

Expressions of Interest must first be registered then deposited in a Tender Box that will be placed close to the Reception at or before 14th March, 2022 at 14:00 PM. The EOI shall be opened on 14th March, 2022 at 14:00PM. Late submissions shall be rejected. You are encouraged to attend the bid opening function.

The Chairperson,

Internal Procurement and Disposal Committee,

Competition and Fair Trading Commission,

Off Presidential Way,

Golden Peacock Office Complex – 6th Floor,

City Centre,

Private Bag 332,

Capital City, Lilongwe 3;

Phone: 0310001440/1;


For clarification, contact Senior Procurement Officer on phone number +265 310 001 440/1 (office) or +265 888 550 539 (mobile). All calls MUST be made during working hours ONLY. Or through email


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