Alleged Supply of Products Likely to Cause Injury or harm to Consumers and Improper Labelling by Capital Foods Limited

On 18th October 2018, CFTC commenced investigations against Capital Foods Limited, on allegations of supplying products likely to cause injury or harm to consumers and insufficient labeling of products.

The products were bags of baking powder with a brand named “FlouRich Fortified Wheat Flour”. The products’ expiry date labels were on separate tags (stickers) stapled to the packaging material, and not on the packaging material itself.

According to relevant consumer protection standards, labels for expiry dates should be put in such a way that they are legible, prominent and indelible. The investigations established that the Respondent engaged in the supply of a products with improper labelling, contrary to Section 35(3) of the Consumer Protection Act.

The Commission resolved that the Respondent should pay a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Malawi Kwacha (MK500,000.00) for engaging in improper labeling of products.