Alleged misleading and unconscionable conduct by Lime Co

CFTC commenced investigations against Farmers World Ltd, for alleged misleading conduct and unconscionable conduct.

During shop inspections conducted on 11th February 2020, the Commission came across “Dolomitic Lime” in Farmers World Shop, Rumphi Branch which was improperly labeled. The Product, which is manufactured by Lime Co Ltd, had weight label indicated as “APPROX 50 KG.” Technically, this implied that the exact weight of the product was not clearly indicated. Upon weighing the bag that was on display, the Commission discovered that the bag weighed 44kgs, which was far lower than the indicated 50kg.

CFTC investigated the matter under Section 43(1)(d) & 43(1)(g) of the CFTA and Section 6(1)(b) of CPA.

The Commission resolved that the Respondent should pay a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Malawi Kwacha (MK500, 000.00).