Alleged unconscionable conduct by Nyika Malawi Limited

The Commission ordered Nyika Malawi Limited to cease and desist from the conduct of providing false information on the delivery of the purchased items to its customers. This followed investigations by the Commission found that Nyika Malawi’s conduct was unconscionable, contrary to section 43 (1) (g) of the CFTA. The also Commission ordered Nyika to deliver the remaining component items to the Complainant within one (1) month of the delivery of the watch; and to give 30% discount refund (amounting to MK76, 199.74).

The Commission launched investigations against Nyika Malawi Ltd on allegations of unconscionable conduct in the trade of goods and services that were brought before the Commission by Mr Adnan Ali. The investigations established that on 3rd April 2017, he the complainant had purchased some items using Nyika Malawi Limited’s online trading platform called Nyika Plus. The items, whose total cost was K253, 999.13 included: a watch, screen protector and reflection shield and to be delivered within 21 days. However, after over two (2) months, the Complainant had not received the items despite making full payment including the delivery fee. His efforts to resolve the matter with the Nyika Malawi proved fruitless because they were not responding to his telephone calls and e-mails.