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    Competition and Fair Trading Commission Staff

  • Cooperation agreements

    Signing of the cooperation agreement between MSB and CFTC.

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    Stakeholder Consultative Workshop

  • Advocacy and education programmes

    CFTC team with participants of the Judges Colloquium.

  • Meetings

    High-level meeting with tobacco sector

Latest News

  • Market Inquiry into the proposed acquisition of ISP operations of Burco Electronic Systems Limited by Telekom Networks Malawi Limited +

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  • Marketing of Kariba Bream as Chambo +

    It has come to the attention of the Read More
  • Public Hearing Rescheduled to 22nd October 2014 +

    The Competition and Fair Trading Commission wishes to Read More
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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Welcome to The Competition and Fair Trading Commission (Malawi)

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) was established under the Competition and Fair Trading Act of 1998 with a mandate to regulate, monitor, control and prevent acts or behaviours which would adversely affect competition and fair trading in Malawi.

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Protecting consumer welfare

Any person may lodge a complaint against anticompetitive conduct with the Commission, at no charge. Investigating unfair trade practices including violations of consumer rights and taking necessary steps to facilitate redress. We undertaking market studies and make available public reports

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Get Free Resources

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission (Malawi) offers a free online education documents & resources designed to help businesses learn more about their rights and obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act.


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Have a complaint or question?

If you have a problem with a business, it’s a good idea to put your concerns in writing and describe the outcome you want. Use our complaint letter template as a starting point CFTC will guide you and investigate the matter to have the issue solved.


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CFTC – Promoting a culture of fair competition and consumer protection in Malawi

Consumer Complaints

Click here to download our complaints form which you can fill and drop at our offices (view map) or email to consumer@cftc.mw.